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Thank you for your interest in a membership with us.  

We deeply value the energy here, hence, limiting this opportunity to a few awesome professionals we click with (pun intended).

If you are a friendly, honest, clean, responsible, organized, considerate, dependable, fun and caring spirit; we welcome you to apply to one of our offerings.

A current business license and insurance required.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or specific requests. 

Only serious inquiries please.

The Gist

All membership options include access to a stylishly furnished workspace and equipped studio (personal computer and camera gear not included).  As a monthly resident you can use Studios A & B and utilize the lounge, kitchenette, bathrooms, seamless backdrops (black, white and gray), shared desk or office space, high speed wi-fi, chairs/props, lighting, and lockable storage.  

Desk and lockable storage access varies upon level of residency (continue below for details).


Desk/Office Space & Storage

Penthouse Office Suite

One member will have a desk in the upstairs office.  This space has a beautiful ocean view where a large desk sits.  There is also a sitting area for comfort and clients along with storage space. You are entitled to half of the table for your permanent workstation, the other half is shared with Trinity.  You are also welcome to showcase your work for visiting clients to see.

Shared Workstation + Lounge

A couple residents will have access to one of the two downstairs desks.  These desks are shared, so your environment must be cleared after use. There is also a locked storage area for limited items. The lounge is also shared, however if you'd like the environment to yourself, we can all work together to make this possible.


Equipment + Inclusions

The studio currently has a variety of strobes, modifiers, reflectors, soft boxes, umbrellas, stands and a v-flat.  Members can utilize the items free or at a discounted rate. If you intend on utilizing our stobes, we request that you purchase a camera transmitter and receivers as these items are difficult to track and are often misplaced.

Aside from lighting we'll include a selection of seamless + two muslin backdrops as well as a variety of chairs & stools.

We'll keep the studio clean, bathroom+kitchen stocked with necessities and welcome suggestions for ways to make the space more comfortable.

Aside from the standard utilities, there's high speed internet and AC! 

Membership Options



This is perfect for the professional wanting a permanent place at MUSE, including privacy and all the other perks of having a photo studio, without the cost of setup and the stress of managing a space.

*Limited to one pro*

Full Time


  • Penthouse Office/Suite access 

  • Permanent desk space

  • Unlimited access during office hours

  • Mailing address

  • Access to both studios

  • Access to studio lighting 

  • Access to studio props, etc.



This is perfect for the professional seeking a stylish work environment with the occasional company of others and without the hassle of having to cart their belongings to/fro.

This pro also offers studio photography to their clients on a regular basis and does not want the expense of an hourly rate.



  • Downstairs access 

  • Furnished environment

  • Semi-permanent desk space

  • Unlimited access during office hours

  • Storage locker 

  • Up to 20 hrs access to either studio

  • Discount on studio lighting 

  • Access to studio props, etc.



For the advancing photographer wanting to regularly offer a studio option to their clients without the expense of an hourly rate.



  • Downstairs access 

  • Options range from 5-10 hrs

  • Access to either studio 

  • Lounge/desk use when available

  • Discount on studio lighting

  • Access to studio props, etc.

  • Option to add storage locker

Cat clause (claws?)

One last thing; our girl, Maho often accompanies Trinity to work. Please consider this if you're applying for Full-time residency. 

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