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Masterclass Registration

Please fill in the information requested below and pay the registration fee to secure your spot.

Refunds are not available within 5 days of the event.

Event Description:


July 8th, 9am-1pm

Cost: $130

Join us for a hands-on Masterclass focused on mastering Instagram Reels. This in depth class will be led by Instagram strategist and consultant, Megan Abarta, founder of Megan D. Consulting. 

This event is designed specifically for business owners who want to leverage the power of Instagram to increase leads, boost engagement, and build their confidence to consistently show up on the platform.

Will will be providing lunch, so please specify your preference at registration. 

Highlight Points:

• Creating Effective Instagram Reels: Megan will guide you through the essential types of Instagram Reels that every business owner should be making. Learn the strategies behind each type and understand how they can help you achieve your business goals. Discover the art of capturing attention, engaging your audience, and delivering valuable content through Reels.

• Instagram Consumer Journey Funnel: Gain valuable insights into Megan's signature Instagram consumer journey funnel. Understand how to guide your audience through the different stages of the funnel using Instagram Reels as a powerful tool. From awareness to conversion, learn how to captivate your viewers and turn them into loyal customers.

• Building Confidence on Camera: Many business owners struggle with confidence when it comes to creating videos for their Instagram Reels. Megan will share practical tips and techniques to help you overcome camera shyness and project confidence on screen. Discover how to connect authentically with your audience, showcase your expertise, and build a personal brand that resonates.

• Edit and Post Your Own Reel: Once you’ve registered Megan will provide you with tips of imagery and video to prepare prior to class so you can prepare a reel with her assistance. 

Main Takeaways:

• A clear understanding of the different types of Instagram Reels that are effective for business owners and their specific goals.
• In-depth knowledge of the Instagram consumer journey funnel and how to utilize Reels to guide your audience through each stage.
• Techniques to boost your confidence on camera and deliver engaging and impactful content through Instagram Reels.
• The opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized guidance from Megan on challenges you face while creating Reels.
• A ready to post Reel, filmed and edited by you with Megan’s assistance. 

Don't miss this opportunity to level up your Instagram strategy and unlock the full potential of Instagram Reels for your business. Join us at MUSE for this masterclass with Megan and take your Instagram presence to new heights!

Please provide us with the following:

Lunch preference
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