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Introduction to Portrait Photography Lighting Workshop


Class Fee - $250

This 6 hour workshop will provide attendees with a basic understanding of portrait photography lighting in a studio setting and on location. The course will be taught in 3 phases covering the following topics:


Phase I: 10am - 12pm

• Types of lighting equipment and technical operation. 

• Light quality and the use of various light modifiers including umbrellas, soft boxes, reflectors and beauty dishes.

• Portrait lighting setups including Rembrandt, Loop, Split, Broad, Butterfly and Backlighting.

• Understanding of color temperature and balancing with respect to artificial vs ambient lighting.

Phase II: 1pm - 3pm 

• Attendees will work with models in the MUSE studio to capture portraits with a select number of lighting arrangements and modifiers. 

Phase III: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

• Attendees will work with models at a predetermined outside location to capture portraits with strobe lighting and beauty dishes. 


Requirements and Considerations:

• Attendees are required to bring a DSLR/Mirrorless detachable lens camera and have a basic understanding of its operation.  An understanding of the fundamentals of exposure is necessary to get the most out of this workshop.  

• A lunch break is scheduled between 12pm - 1pm.  Attendees may bring lunch or walk to a number nearby eateries.  MUSE maintains a kitchenette and refrigerator, but space is limited.  There will be a break from 3pm - 3:30pm to travel and prepare for Phase III.  

• Comfortable shoes are recommended as the class will be walking to various locations including the beach for Phase III.  

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